Why Did US Army Perform Secret Drug Mind Experiments?

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What were the Drug Mind Experiments performed by the United States government? The 1950s was a time of the Korean War and the Cold War. Stopping the spread of communism was a top priority for the United States, so the U.S. government became concerned that many soldiers returning home from the Korean War “were found mindlessly parroting the communist propaganda they had been sent to Korea to fight” according to one source. Investigations led to two discoveries. First, the communist countries of China, Russia, and North Korea were using “mental torture and brainwashing” techniques.

Fueled by Cold War paranoia, U.S. government officials were compelled to take countermeasures to prevent what one article calls a “larger scale drug attack.” They began two testing programs to find out if r drugs could be used to subdue and control the enemy mentally. One of these programs was run by the U.S. Army, and the other one was run by the CIA.





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