What Is The Nuclear Football (The Briefcase That Can Destroy The World)?

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What is actually inside the nuclear football briefcase? How does the president of the united states use the nuclear football? Does the army or the military control the nuclear football or is it only the president?

This nuclear command and control tool is officially known as the President’s emergency satchel, and is an aluminum briefcase encased in black leather. Details are difficult to ascertain given the extreme secrecy of the device, but it is widely believed to be bulletproof and resistant to explosive damage. It weighs approximately 45 pounds (20 kg) and is equipped with powerful satellite communication gear to ensure the president is always in contact with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As nuclear arsenals grew in the Soviet Union and the US, it became clear that the nation to launch first would have an immediate and possibly war-winning advantage. Such a first strike might even render the defending nation unable to launch its own nuclear counter-attack, making the possibility of a nuclear first strike extremely attractive to the aggressor. With ICBMs moving at thousands of miles an hour, it became vital that the President of the United States be able to order an immediate nuclear counter-attack in the case of sudden war.





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