What If You Were Sucked Into A Tornado?

What If You Were Sucked Into A Tornado?


What would you do if you were stuck in a tornado? Watch this cartoon to see what happens if you are caught and how fast a tornado can be. What else should Fuzzy & Nutz do in the future?

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About Fuzzy & Nutz:
Fuzzy & Nutz is a show that explains different topics in a fun and entertaining way. It is aimed at educating and entertaining at the same time. This colorful cartoon show is ideal for children, kids, teens and young adults! Sometimes Fuzzy and Nutz go on trips and outdoor adventures, sometimes they play with toys, but you never know what they will be able to do next! Fuzzy and Nutz has been inspired by shows like Tom & Jerry, Meet Arnold, Peppa Pig, Disney shows, Nickelodeon Shows, Sponge Bob Square Pants and others.

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