This Is What All Serial Killers Have In Common

This Is What All Serial Killers Have In Common

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Lack of remorse 1:22
Serial killers are psychopaths, and psychopaths don’t tend to feel any emotion that is related to guilt, even if they are completely guilty for a wrongdoing as big as murdering someone.

Egocentric 2:35
Egoistical serial killers often can’t help but brag about the atrocities they’ve committed, whether it’s aimed at their accomplices, the next victim, law enforcement, or just themselves.

Predatory behavior 3:39
Predatory animals kill to satisfy a need. A serial killer kills because he thinks he needs to, in the same way predatory animals kill to satisfy a need to eat. A person who has a predatory aggressive personality believes other people are inferior, which is how they justify hurting other people.

Shallow emotions 5:15
While serial killers do feel emotions, especially ones that motivate them to kill, such as hatred or sexual pleasure, they also lack the ability to feel a sense of regret, or remorse for their victims, which allows them to continue committing crimes without feeling guilty.

Lack of remorse 1:22
Abuse when growing up 1:59
Egocentric 2:35
Predatory Behavior 3:39
Shallow Emotions 5:15
Lack of empathy 5:49
Being Vain and Narcissistic 6:23

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