Why Does The Media Suddenly Hate Elon Musk?

Why Does The Media Suddenly Hate Elon Musk?

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We all have our reasons for disliking a person in the public eye, but often the media has a hand in shaping our opinion of that person. The media likes nothing more than a hero-to-zero story, when the man, or woman of the hour is later reduced to a villainous good for nothing. But we can’t always blame the press, after all, sometimes the heroes dig their own graves by posting what seem like outlandish comments on their social media accounts. Twitter it seems is the go-to place where this happens, a kind of dumping ground for late night thoughts that could be the noose that hangs someone. One errant comment could be the end of you, as Jon Ronson pointed out in his book, “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.” With that in mind, welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, Why People All of a Sudden Hate Elon Musk.

Before we get our teeth into the undoing of Elon Musk, let’s first have a look at how he rose to fame. The young Musk grew up in South Africa, then later moved to Canada on the back of his mother’s Canadian passport just before he hit 18. He always had a move to the U.S. in mind, though. Prior to that, Musk had excelled in many respects, developing a computer program at a very young age while also reading voraciously. Perhaps he lived the life of what we might call a “nerd”, an unflattering term in the past, although during Musk’s lifetime we would experience what you could call a “Revenge of the Nerds” as those young folks studying computer technology would become some of the most powerful people in the world. Nonetheless, life was tough for Musk as a kid. He was bullied and at one point was thrown down some stairs by his school enemies. This is a scene that has been talked about in the press numerous times, something we can’t discount when we talk about his rise to fame. He was an underdog, and the American media, as most media, loves the narrative of a downtrodden nobody rising from the ashes.

Musk has said in interviews that one of the reasons he was besotted with science was because he wanted to be involved with humanity’s progression, the survival of our species. He has said he wanted to prolong civilization, and as best he could, help divert humanity from entering another dark age. This is highly commendable, but as we shall later see, these noble sentiments have also been part of his downfall.





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