What Is Hell Really Like?

What Is Hell Really Like?

Do you have an image of what hell is supposed to be like? What are different interpretations of hell? In today’s animated educational cartoon, we are looking at what Hell is supposedly like. There are so many different words for hell, purgatory, hades, gehenna, abyss, etc…

If you don’t do what mommy tells you, you’ll go to hell. That doesn’t sound like a threat you’d hear these days, but in the past, you might be threatened with hell for many types of transgressions, not all of them that serious. It’s some threat too, as it was basically telling a kid if they didn’t follow certain rules, they were going to spend eternity being tortured. There is a thread about this threat on debate.org asking if saying something like that is abusive, and it seems many people had parents that would say such a thing. Most people said it was a horrible thing to tell a child, while others said it was only motivational for kids. But what exactly is hell anyway? That’s what we’ll find out today in this episode of The Infographics Show, What is hell really supposed to be?

If you’ve seen our show on Satan, you’ll know that many religions have (depending on the interpretation) some kind of dark force working within them. You could call this a devil, but the Satan we talked about in that show was something that came from the Old and New Testament. In Islam, you have the fallen angel “Iblīs.” In the Quran, you have something called “Jahannam” (a kind of hell), and there are lots of names for this place, such as “The Abyss,” “The Fire,” and “The Blaze.” Many Muslim scholars of the Quran say there are seven levels of Hell. One student of Islam tells us, “Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgement, people will be held to account.” We are told there are angels in hell, and they are severe and harsh and do not disobey Allah when he commands. The student also said that some people can get out of hell, while others will spend eternity down there.

In Dante’s Inferno, the Christian hell has nine levels or circles, but we’ll talk about this story later. The Buddhist religion has a kind of hell, and that is called Naraka. Again, there are different levels or circles, with some of them freezing cold and some of them boiling hot. Some temples in Burma or Thailand will have pictures or models of such a place, which look like they were created by a Sadist. But not all Buddhists believe in this place, and some might say hell is the life you are living with all its impossible charms and your insatiable needs. In Buddhism, it is more folkloric, mythical, and not part of what might be called Buddhist philosophy. Also, Naraka comes from Hinduism. It’s said that this place offers something of a break, as eternity might be replaced with just thousands or millions of years of being tortured and tormented. Again, many Hindus differ in their beliefs about this.





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