Medical Drug Trial That Turned Into A Living Nightmare

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What if you just wanted to earn some money and you participated in a medical drug trial that turned in to something much, much worse. Let’s put our learning hats on and focus on our education and learn about what has happened and how not to repeat it

Before a medical drug makes its way into the market it has to go through various stages of testing. This starts with a laboratory investigation which might begin with lab-grown human cells and computer models. If the drug passes that test, then scientists move on to animal testing. If the drug gets the green light again we bring in the humans. The drugs are tested on people in what we call clinical trials, or drug studies. These trials might include healthy people or sick people. They can test a drug’s effectiveness, side-effects, or how the body absorbs it (bioavailability). The drugs should already be safe, but there have been times that things went wrong. That’s what we’ll talk about today, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Medical drug trials that turned in living nightmares.





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