The Origin Of Evil: The Devil

Where does the devil actually come from? What is the origin of Devil (Satan, Lucifer, etc)?

You might not be religious, but you’ve likely had to deal with a fair bit of Satan in your life. The pesky devil has shown up on the shoulders of cartoon characters, acting as a counterweight to a good decision that appears as an angel on another shoulder. He’s starred in numerous movies, getting into the minds of innocent girls that had to undergo excruciating exorcisms, and he’s been depicted in artform as living in a fiery underworld where wrongdoers spend eternity wishing they hadn’t stolen that everlasting gobstopper when they were just eight years old. On a more serious note, back in the day if you were accused of being in league with this guy you were likely going to suffer greatly. What most of you don’t know is where Satan comes from, so that’s what we’ll discuss in this episode of the Infographics Show, The origin of Satan.





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