Worst Online Scams

Worst Online Scams

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These are the online scams you should be most careful about when being online on the internet!

Back in the good old days, tricksters usually plied their trade out in the open. Outside airports not-so-savvy tourists got taken for a ride; all around the world you still see tourists paying exorbitant amounts of money for taxis driven by unlicensed drivers. Over in parts of Asia they have the famous jewel scams, whereby foreigners think they are getting the gem deal of the century. In China you might get approached by a pretty, innocent-looking girl who only wants to practice English, and then she takes you to the most expensive tea shop you’ve ever seen. In many countries you might get corrupt police telling you that you committed a misdemeanor and if you don’t pay them a huge fine you’ll be going straight to jail. But today we’ll look at only digital trickery, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Worst Online Scams.





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