What Happens If An Airplane Enters No Fly Zone?

What Happens If An Airplane Enters No Fly Zone?

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What actually happens if an airplane enters a no fly zone? What has happened in the past when an aircraft entered a no fly zone? Today we are taking a look and seeing what rules the aviation world has for the planes inside the no fly zone!

A No-Fly Zone can also be set up however to protect sensitive locations during peace time, such as the Olympic Games during 2012 and 2016 when Britain and China enacted No-Fly Zones. Nations also often have established No-Fly Zones around important government buildings, such as the US’s White House. In peace time, No-Fly Zones can also be set up to limit or prevent the use of drones near sensitive installations such as airports, observatories, or high rise buildings, where a wandering drone could cause a serious mishap.





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