Luther code – 500 years of the Reformation | DW Documentary

Luther code – 500 years of the Reformation | DW Documentary

500 years after Martin Luther instigated a religious revolution, we’re once again standing on the threshold to a new era.

What are the existential questions being raised by Generation Y? How far have we come since Martin Luther pushed wide open the doors to the future with his 95 theses? Our modern day view of the world is based extensively on the effects the reformation had on 16th century society. Modernity has arisen from the fact that mankind has questioned his role over the centuries. Today we face huge changes in the way we live due to globalization and the digital revolution which continue to affect almost all areas of our lives, taking effect at whirlwind speed. It seems as if nothing remains as it did before. This exciting voyage of discovery starts in the 15th century. The lives of Martin Luther, Johannes Gutenberg and Leonardo da Vinci are intertwined with the biographies and philosophies of members of the so-called Generation Y. Young people like Regina Catrambone who helps rescue refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean, or Carolina Costa who represents a modern church which offers a platform to people of different faiths. Costa says people are interested in religion, you just have to find the right way to present it.

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