Church and revolution – Martin Luther reinventing the world (1/6) | DW Documentary

Church and revolution – Martin Luther reinventing the world (1/6) | DW Documentary

Part 1 of “Reinventing the World – 500 years of the reformation” begins with Martin Luther and shows why his thinking is still relevant today.

The theologian, Luther, lit the fuse of the Protestant Reformation and effectively opened the door to the future.

The six-part series, “Reinventing the World” traces the development of Luther’s ideas to the modern day. Luther did more than reform Christianity. He changed the world around him. And today, we are standing on the threshold of a new era. Globalization and digitalization have prompted a reappraisal of how we see the world. Everything is changing.

The protagonists of “Reinventing the World” all belong to Generation Y and include the feminist blogger Laurie Penny, scientist Alexander Blässle and Iranien-German rapper Fayzen. Join them as they discuss existential questions about our role and responsibility in the world. Their answers are interwoven with expert interviews and historical reenactments featuring famous personalities from the last 500 years, whose thinking changed the world.

Part 1 – The Leap to Freedom:
Part 2 – The Quest for Truth:
Part 3 – The Road to Equality:
Part 4 – The Dream of Justice:
Part 5 – Power and Responsibility:
Part 6 – Faith in the Future:

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