Words of resistance – Deutsche Welle and the Greek dictatorship | DW Documentary

Words of resistance – Deutsche Welle and the Greek dictatorship | DW Documentary

During Greece’s military dictatorship, Deutsche Welle was the main source of uncensored news for Greeks; an overwhelming majority tuned in every night.

The Greek-language service was set up by a few brave exiled men and women. It was a beacon of press freedom, fighting fascism with words. This documentary is a personal recollection of this chapter in German-Greek history and marks the 50th anniversary of the military coup.

After being forced into exile by the right-wing “Regime of the Colonels” (1967-1974), a small handful of Greek men and women set up the famous Greek-language news service broadcast every evening by Deutsche Welle. During the seven-year dictatorship an overwhelming majority of people in Greece listened to the hour-long show, which would become a beacon of press freedom and resistance.

This documentary tells the story of the individuals who created the program, and who fought a prolonged struggle to give people in Greece hope and dignity. It takes an unprecedented in-depth look behind the historic role played by the Greek exiles and West Germany’s international broadcasting service during and after the junta.

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