What did Cassini-Huygens achieve before its Grand Finale?

Everything you could want to know about NASA’s and ESA’s Cassini Huygens spacecraft, shortly before it took the plunge during its Grand Finale. This is a recap of what it has achieved during its 20 year mission.

This is a reupload as the original video was blocked by PBS for a clip they did not own. The offending clip in question is the video from the perspective of Huygens as it passed through Titan’s atmosphere. Even though I provided PBS evidence that the video belonged to NASA, even getting written confirmation from NASA that the clip is public domain and owned by them and not PBS, the claim was still upheld. Rather than risking legal action and a strike on my channel by appealing the decision, I have decided to modify the clip and reupload as I feel like it’s a shame that this video has been blocked. I also feel like it’s a shame that YouTube gives the “copyright holder” so much power and does not get involved in disputes. I can understand why it happens the way it does, but it’s the creator that gets punished at the end of the day even if they are not in the wrong.

Before any Patreons get worried, I will obviously not be charging for this video 🙂

On a side note, my final major project is nearing completion! Expect to see it on the channel by mid May!

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Image credits: NASA, JPL, Hubble, ESA, Paramount Pictures, Stephen van Vuuren

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