Are explosions on the Sun a threat to us?

Mankind is playing a dicey game with our closest star. The Sun could cripple society in an instant, and we are not prepared to stop it. We are used to geomagnetic and solar storms caused by CMEs, or coronal mass ejections, but what if the most powerful CME on record was to hit Earth tomorrow?

This video was made for my final major project for uni. I am very proud with how it turned out, but I would love to hear your thoughts about it too! I made it with a TV audience in mind, hence why it is almost half an hour long. It was also my most difficult and time consuming project that I have produced for this channel.

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Also a big thank you to Hull University and the E. A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics, and Alexander Hamilton and Sergei Zharkov. If you are interested in learning more about astrophysics, especially around their research in solar flares, have a look at their website here:

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