Distant Galaxies | Hubble Images 4K | Episode 4

In this episode we mainly have a look at various types of galaxies, some of which are very, very far away.

22. NGC 4449
23. HD 97950
24. M74/Messier 74
25. Arp 148
26. Abell 2218
27. Abell 1703

On the ESA/NASA website for the Hubble Space Telescope http://www.spacetelescope.org/ there is a section dedicated to the top 100 pictures ever taken by Hubble. I will go through these pictures one by one and explain what is going on.

This is Episode 4, for Episode 1 please click here https://goo.gl/BnHNlh

Want to see the images for yourself? Download the 4.7GB zip file here http://www.spacetelescope.org/static/images/zip/top100/top100-original.zip

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All credit for the images go to ESA, NASA, Hubble and ESO teams.

Music credit: Anima – Love Again

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