The Hunt For The Hood (WW2 Battleship Documentary) | Timeline

The Hunt to Find Britain’s Greatest Battleship She was a mighty symbol of Britain’s greatness, yet she was destroyed in just three-and-a-half minutes. Experts go in search of the huge warship that sank in 1941, taking over 1400 men to the ocean floor with her. HMS Hood was thought by the British people to be the greatest warship afloat – so why did she sink so quickly? There’s certainly no shortage of theories. Is the conventional explanation – a magazine explosion – the right one? If so, why did none of the three survivors hear such an explosion? Could Hood’s own torpedoes have destroyed her? Was she overloaded under a grinding extra weight of special combat equipment? Had the ship been fatally weakened by her twenty long years of all-but-continuous operations on the high seas? Or was the ship’s steel – from the same iron works as Titanic’s – too brittle? Hopefully, resurrecting this magnificent warship will provide the answers to the questions that have baffled a generation.

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