How Large is the Milky Way?

Space to Scale: The Milky Way. How big do you think the Milky Way galaxy would be if the Sun was 0.0015mm in diameter? Guess by posting in the comments before you see the answer!

To my subscribers, this is a re-edit/reupload. Previously I had the measurement down of the Sun as 14um which is about one decimal place wrong. I wanted to reupload as there was too much to be changed and I couldn’t fix it all with annotations. Also, thanks to those of you that picked up the mistake in the first place.

If you don’t believe this scale is correct, then please watch this video I have just produced explaining the maths behind these videos:

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Other videos in the series:

Credit for the images – NASA/JPL, Google, Discovery and ESO.

Music Credit – Anima – Love Again

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