The Economy of Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian country famed for its beautiful people, flat packed furniture, PewDiePie and meatballs. Now of course if you hadn’t guessed by the channels title we are only here to look Sweden’s economy, and it is a remarkable one at that. Sweden is home to one of the highest standards of living in the world and is often held in extremely high regard when it comes to workers rights and general quality of life indicators such as working hours, happiness rates and life expectancy. It is also a nation with a rich history of setting the trend for other economies to follow, Sweden is home to the Riksbank founded in 1668 it is the oldest central bank in the world, blazing the path for monetary policy that dictates every major economy in the world today.

So how did it get here. We have explored rich nations with strong welfare systems that seem to do everything right on the channel before… most notably Norway, Sweden’s little brother the to west… But Sweden is slightly different in the sense that it was not blessed with the Norwegian sea and its abundance of oil and gas, so it was not able to build up a sovereign wealth fund with oil profits like Norway was and so on paper it is citizens are poorer than Norway’s but their quality of life seems exactly the same.

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