What Does the Sky Look Like on other Planets and Moons?

All all know what the sky looks like on Earth, but what would it look like on Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune?

This video was made for a module I’m doing in uni, which explains why it has a slightly different format to what you’re used to. The project had to be called “In the End” (my interpretation being the end of the solar system, as that’s where the video ends up). It could only be 5 minutes and it had to follow a narrative.

How do you think it went? Want me to do more like this in the future? Honest feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, I’m toying with the idea of doing an extended version of this video, one that would fit this channel a bit more I feel. Let me know what you guys want.

Thanks to M. M A H A J A N for the idea for this video!

And lastly, I just wanted to say sorry to those of you who have been waiting for a new video. A lot of been going on, it took about 3 months to actually move house, then I didn’t have internet for a while, and I started uni. There’s a lot more stories but I won’t bore you with them 😉 But basically I wanted to say I should be back in business as usual. Especially the month of January, I’m on hols so I will take full advantage to make more videos! I’ve got a lot lined up say stay tuned 😉

Image Credit:
Space Engine

Music Credit: Anima – The Waning Moon

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