Supernova Remnants | Hubble Images 4K | Episode 2

On the ESA/NASA website for the Hubble Space Telescope there is a section dedicated to the top 100 pictures ever taken by Hubble. I will go through these pictures one by one, 10 per episode, and explain what is going on.

In order, we talk about “The Spire”, found in the Eagle Nebula, NGC 346, found in the Small Magellanic Cloud, the Crab Nebula, the Orion Nebula, the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), the Cigar Galaxy (M82), Cassiopeia A, the Lobster Nebula, NGC 602, NGC 1672.

This is Episode 2, for Episode 1 please click here

**Note for those wishing to view this video in 4K, 4K 60 fps is only currently available to Chrome users. If you want to watch this video in 4K, view it through Chrome. Thanks!**

Want to see the images for yourself? Download the 4.7GB zip file here

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All credit for the images go to ESA, NASA, Hubble, ESO, Chandra and Spitzer teams.

Music Credit: Mike Chino – Calm and Harmony

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