Three Cyclones As Seen From Space At The Same Time | 4K

The category 5 cyclone, Phailin, was the second biggest cyclone to make landfall in India since records began. Looking out over the Bay of Bengal, we can see the life of the cyclone from start to finish over the course of a week.

The video takes place from the 8th – 14th October 2013. The video is from the Electro-L weather satellite. It takes a picture of the earth every half an hour from its geostationary orbit. This gives a great advantage to being able to monitor these weather events! Typhoons Nari (Santi) and Wipha (Tino) can also be seen from this position during the same time frame.

We also discuss what the difference is between hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, and what happens when they form in the northern or southern hemispheres.

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