The Economic Powerhouse of Singapore

This is Singapore, a city state nation just off the coast of Malaysia it is one of the most praised and highly regarded economies amongst the business community in the world. It was up until recently ranked by the world bank as the easiest country in the world to conduct business, but it has recently been usurped by new Zealand of all places so make of that what you will. Even been content with its silver medal though Singapore has made itself a central home of finance, business and trade for all of south east Asia which is remarkable considering it is a nation without much in the way of land, resources or even a particularly large population.

Singapore has obviously had some advantages, it was in the right place a the right time both economically and geographically to capitalise on the growth of Asia as a global region of trade. But prosperity wouldn’t have just happened to a small little spit of land off the coast of Malaysia with very little in the way of arable land or natural resources. It did the right things to ensure it was the go to middleman for as much as it could be a part of in the region by developing the right mix of the right economic policies and not containing itself to one ideology to dictate the direction of the entire nation.

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