The Economy of Westeros

This is Westeros the fictional nation that is home to a majority of the story of Game of Thrones, an ongoing book series, and wildly popular TV show. I am an avid reader of the books and was a fanatic watcher of the show, but it wasn’t the incredible action sequences or high stakes political intrigue or even Emilia Clark that kept me interested in the story. Rather, it was how real a story that involved dragons and zombie armies was made to feel. A large part of that reality was cemented in the tangible economics of the fictional nation of Westeros.

Now, for the sake of this video, we are going try to put to the side that Westeros is very obviously middle ages England and Essos, the other land featured prominently in the story is based on Europe and Mediterranean nations around the turn of the renascence. This was obviously an inspiration for George RR Martin, but the writer has gone beyond that and interlaced curiosities from many historic economies into a world that adds a layer of complexity and realism that isn’t present in typical fantasy stories of the genre. So, let’s explore how they work together and add to the narrative that drives The Game of Thrones.

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