The Economics of Andrew Yang

This is Andrew yang, a tech entrepreneur and a bit of an underdog surprise democratic candidate for president. Right off the bat I want to stress that this channel avoids politics at all costs so I am not politically advocating for or against Andrew Yang or any of the other candidates I plan to discuss between now and the 2020 election and also we are not going to be looking at him as a candidate beyond his economic policies.

Andrew Yang is a surprising candidate for a few reasons first of which is that he does have a very very detailed economics plan even in these very early days of the campaign for the 2020 election. This is something that a lot of candidates try to hold a little bit closer to their chest before an election because going policy first into the public circus that is election campaigns does open you up to scrutiny from other candidates that won’t have shown you anything to nitpick back at. Despite this tactical disadvantage all of yang’s policies are available on his website and it is a bit of a mixed back of policies that are very socialist in nature with a unique flair

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