US-China trade war: live Q&A with The Economist

What do you want to know about the US-China trade war? Soumaya Keynes, our trade and globalisation editor and Henry Curr, our economics editor, were live to answer your questions.

Here are the questions that you asked Soumaya and Henry:

0:52 – What are the challenges of covering the US-China trade war?
2:10 – Where does the trade war sit in the context of The Economist’s reporting on the world economy?
3:06 – What are the latest developments in the trade war?
5:59 – Should America or China be blamed for starting the trade war?
7:43 – Why were China’s tariffs higher than America’s when the trade war started?
9:32 – What will the trade war do to China’s currency (RMB)?
11:09 – Is the US dollar’s global dominance at risk?
12:27 – Who actually pays the tariffs?
15:02 – How is the EU being affected by this?
18:49 – If A puts a tariff on B, and B does not retaliate, does that mean A wins?
24:07 – Is the trade war affecting globalisation?
27:02 – Will the trade war benefit other economies?
30:17 – Are the twists and turns of the trade war hurting global growth?
33:07 – If both China and America roll back tariffs, will that be the end of the trade war?
35:37 – What can individuals do to mitigate the damaging effects of the trade war?

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