Ritual: The Samurai of the Soma Noma Oi (Samurai Documentary) | Timeline

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A stunning documentary journey into the last refuge of Japans once legendary warriors, the Samurai, whose spirit continue to be preserved today. These traditions are practised by the descendants of one of Japans oldest feudal dynasties, the proud men and women of Soma. They are the inheritors of one of the most spectacular traditional festivals in the world, that of the thousand year old Soma Noma Oi.

A unique and gruelling exercise designed to test the equestrian skill and endurance of the mounted samurai and his steed. An ancient martial tradition established by the Soma clans famous founder and one that his direct blood line descendants continue to proudly preside over 33 generations later.

The Soma Noma Oi is more than just a tradition, it is living history and the last bastion of authentic samurai culture.

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