Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners

Learn common data structures and algorithms in this tutorial course. You will learn the theory behind them, as well as how to program them in JavaScript.

⭐️ Contents (link to code after title) ⭐️
⌨️ Stacks (00:21)
⌨️ Sets (09:03)
⌨️ Queues & Priority Queues (19:24)
⌨️ Binary Search Tree (26:03)
⌨️ Binary Search Tree: Traversal & Height (39:34)
⌨️ Hash Tables (53:19)
⌨️ Linked List (1:03:04)
⌨️ Trie (1:14:59)
⌨️ Heap (max and min) (1:27:29)
🔗 Heap visualization:
⌨️ Graphs: adjacency list, adjacency matrix, incidence matrix (1:42:07)
⌨️ Graphs: breadth-first search (1:46:45)

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