The Thracians, a Hidden History – HD 2013

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The Thracians, a Hidden History – HD 2013

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About the northern Thracians’ descendants on
About the movie:
Europe’s ancient history should be re-written! Long before Rome came into existence and before Greece flourished, the Thracian stirpes have populated vast areas of the European continent and they left their mark on its whole history.

We invite you on a journey to Europe’s antiquity, where a new vision over ancient history will be presented to you. Many of the things you have considered before, as being well established, will be shaken. Little known facts and events will come to redefine history as you know it…

The material evidence and historical sources prove that the Thracians had an advanced culture and that they were sophisticated art creators; also, that the Greek world was strongly influenced by the Thracian one, the Greeks borrowing traditions and deities from the Thracians.

Concurrently, the excursion into the ancient Thracian-Geto-Dacian world will bring to you a close-up of the amazing gold and silver ancient treasures and the remarkable personalities of certain Thracian heroes that have remained deeply carved into humanity’s memory.

Last but not least, you will discover that Thracian-Geto-Dacians have even reached as far as the rule of the Roman Empire themselves, a fact that was clearly mentioned and beyond any doubt by the Roman ancient historic sources themselves…

May this documentary’s viewing be a useful one to you!

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