Exploring Angkor Wat – Out and About #1

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Exploring Angkor Wat – Out and About #1

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The name Angkor Wat is synonymous with travel, adventure, and Cambodia. However, a common misconception is that it’s just one site. In reality, Angkor Wat serves the most iconic part of a larger, 400 square kilometer (154.4 sqmi) archeological park. The hallowed grounds are considered one of the most important in Southeast Asia and chronicle the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 15th centuries.

In this first installment of Out and About, I take you on a four-day journey through Angkor Wat Archeological Park. The episode begins at sundown on our arrival day and trip to the park to obtain admission tickets and a breathtaking sunset inside one of the temples. We then return to Angkor Wat the following morning to explore the famous UNSECO site World Heritage site and Little Circuit. Day two focuses on completing the previous day’s task as well as seeing other temples on the Big Circuit, culminating with a return visit to Angkor Wat as the sun fades into oblivion.

Our final day inside the park began well before sunrise. Staking out ground beside one of two reflecting pools in front of Angkor Wat, we waited patiently for the sun to rise. Getting there early was key, as hundreds of people try to out do one another for that perfect shot. From there, we traveled to the extreme reaches of the park for some of the lessor known sights, that were in many ways just as beautiful, if not more so than Angkor Wat.

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