The neuroscience of social intelligence: Bill von Hippel at TEDxUQ 2014

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What is social intelligence? Psychology professor Bill von Hippel argues that the frontal lobes of the brain play a critical role in enabling socially intelligent behaviour. He describes research from his lab showing that seemingly trivial mental abilities stop us from doing the wrong thing and help us do the right thing in various socially challenging circumstances.

Bill von Hippel is professor and prior Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. He received his BA from Yale University and his PhD from the University of Michigan. Bill has published nearly 100 articles and chapters across a wide range of topics. Bill is particularly interested in the neuroscience of social intelligence, and his work in this area has been reported in various media outlets, such as The Australian, USA Today, El Mundo, Newsweek, Fox News, NPR, BBC, CBC, and many others.

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