Would You Drink Water Made From Sewage?

Would You Drink Water Made From Sewage?

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Credits (and Twitter handles):
Script Writer: David Goldenberg (@dgoldenberg)
Script Editor: Emily Elert (@eelert)
Video Illustrator: Omkar Bhagat (@TheCuriousEnggr)
Video Director: Emily Elert (@eelert)
Video Narrator: Henry Reich (@MinutePhysics)
With Contributions From: Alex Reich, Kate Yoshida, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich and Rachel Becker
Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:


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FYI: We try to leave jargon out of our videos, but if you want to learn more about this topic, here are some handy keywords to get your googling started:
– Disgust: A feeling of revulsion at something unpleasant
– Emotion: A mental state that arises spontaneously.
– Pathogen: A tiny living organism that can cause disease.
– Reverse Osmosis: A way to purify water by pushing it through a semipermeable membrane.
– Toilet-to-tap: A framing device used by recycled water opponents to cause people to think of sewage.
– NEWater: The brand name given to recycled water in Singapore.

Image Credits:

Chocolate brownie – Wikimedia User m

Soup Cream – pixabay user wowwandee (Public Domain)

Bed pan – Wikimedia user Michaelwalk (Public Domain)

Glass of Juice – Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen

Cockroach – Gary Alpert



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