This Is Not A Pine Tree

This Is Not A Pine Tree

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True Pines (conifer trees in the genus Pinus) are often confused with other members of the Pinaceae family like Picea (Spruces), Abies (Firs), Pseudotsuga (Douglas-firs) or Larix (Larches). So is very likely that your Christmas tree is not a pine.

Credits (and Twitter handles):

Script Writer: Henry Reich (@MinutePhysics)
Script Editor: Alex Reich (@alexhreich)
Video Illustrator: Ever Salazar (twitter:@eversalazar)
Video Director: Henry Reich
Narrator: Henry Reich
With Contributions From: Emily Elert (@eelert), Kate Yoshida (@KateYoshida) and Peter Reich

Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:

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Image Credits:

Christmas Tree – Ricardo Reitmeyer / Shutterstock

Fir Tree Snow – Allen McGregor

Douglas Fir – USDA (Public Domain)

Wolf – Arantza Ansotegui

Fox – Peter Trimming

Canis mesomelas – Hans Hillewaert

White Pine Pinus strobus – US FWS (Public Domain)

Ponderosa Pine – Wikimedia user Famartin

Stone Pine – Wikimedia user MPF

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Huangshan pine

Picea abies Norway Spruce – Ivar Leidus

Picea abies – Wikimedia user Qgroom

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Picea Needles – Rudolf Schäfer

Norway Spruce Cone – Dave Hosford

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Cedrus – Jacinta lluch Valero

Pseudolarix amabilis – Jeffrey O. Gustafson

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