8 Creepy Animals That Are Actually Harmless

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8 Creepy Animals That Are Actually Harmless

Claws, teeth, stingers… there are a lot of things that can make an animal look downright scary and dangerous. Sometimes, though, looks can be deceiving! Face your fears and learn about eight animals that use their tough looks to hide the fact that they’re basically harmless.

Horned Lizard:
With bloody eyes:
The thorny dragon lizard and the horned lizard have a lot of similarities. But the thorny dragon lizard is in Australia, whereas the horned lizard is in North America and is the one that can squirt blood from its eyes.

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Mimic octopus:

Basking Shark:

Manta Ray:

Goliath Birdeater:

Whip Scorpion:

Horned Lizard:

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