Even More Ways To Watch (Vessel Announcement)

Even More Ways To Watch (Vessel Announcement)

Check MinuteEarth out on Vessel:
Derek’s video:

March 2015 was a really exciting month for us here at MinuteEarth! We celebrated our second birthday on YouTube, garnered our millionth subscriber, and passed the 50 million view mark. But that’s not all…(drumroll)…

We also signed up to make our videos available on an exciting new video site called Vessel.com to give you even more options for watching MinuteEarth.

• Vessel is a clean, streamlined video platform with curated content and minimally-intrusive advertising (no popup ads!).
• It’s free to watch videos on Vessel, but there’s also a subscription option where you can pay just $3 a month and get early access to content across the site, including all future MinuteEarth videos.
• If you go to vessel.com/sciences to subscribe, Vessel will pledge additional support to MinuteEarth, MinutePhysics, AND the excellent Veritasium. So your subscription will help fund lots of new science videos!
• Additionally, if you sign up with Vessel before 11:59pm Pacific Time on Thursday March 26th, you’ll get a FREE one-year subscription – that means you’ll have pre-release access to videos all year long without paying a dime (and like, really for free…you don’t even have to enter your credit card information).

If you’re not interested in checking out Vessel, don’t worry! We’re still going to post our videos on YouTube and iTunes, too, as we always have.

Thanks again for supporting us! We hope to see you soon, wherever you want to watch our videos – on YouTube, iTunes, or now Vessel.

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