Love Letter to Food

Love Letter to Food

Alex’s Issue Brief:

Thanks to the Food Policy Research Center (FPRC) at the University of Minnesota for supporting the issue brief done in conjunction with this video, and to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for supporting FPRC.

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Produced by Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Elliot Malcolm

With additional writing & production from the MinuteEarth team: Emily Elert, Peter Reich, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida

Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: and EpidemicSound
Thank you to everyone who made this video possible:

Destin & Family
Oliver C.
Hannah Hart
Lukas Schmitt
Julia Wilber
Magdalene Ng
Ben Biancini
Richard Woods
Anders & the Campfire Crew
Pedro’s Avocado Ranch
CGP Grey
Cearah Hamilton
Dennis of the Minneapolis Club
Ross and Phyllis Kiinn
Jerome Ruffin
Pauline Johnson
Liz Harper
Brian Apland
Antonio at Smoking Knife Catering
John Baker at the Minneapolis Club
George H.
Matt Deery
Craig Upright
Matt Gunther
Brian Klancher
Danny Hallowell
Vi Hart
Stephanie Lindlief
Haley Anderson
Jimmy Wong
Peace Coffee
Trotter’s Cafe
Seward Co-op
Hampden Park Co-op
Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota
Food Policy Research Center at the University of Minnesota
Allison Meyer
Jorge Cham
Dajuan & Melanie Savage
Chef Hakon
Alyssa Lundberg
Scott Pampuch
Charlie Hallowell
Anne Reich
Scott Malcolm & Carol Engel
Jane & Jeff Wilber
Valentine Cadieux
Jon Foley
The Global Landscapes Initiative Team
Dana Gunders
The Reviewers of Alex’s Issue Brief
Jonathan Bloom
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