TEDxSpotlights Critical Issues

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TEDxSpotlights Critical Issues was produced with thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With special thanks to Nina Fedoroff, Aala El-Khani, and Romain Lacombe.

Watch the TEDxSpotlights Critical Issues 2016 now:

From Bombs to Bread | Aala El-Khani | TEDxManchester

Worldwide, over 1.5 billion people experience armed conflict, forcing almost 15 million to flee their home countries. Undoubtedly, children are the most vulnerable victims of war. Displacement leaves children at risk for not only physical harm, but emotional and behavioral damage. In her talk from TEDxManchester researcher Aala El-Khani discusses the importance of quality parent training programs for families in war zones and refugee camps. By improving parenting and caregiver support, says El-Khani, it may be possible to weaken the links between war and psychological difficulties in children and their families.

Nina Federoff | TEDxMidAtlantic

Molecular biologist, Nina Federhoff thinks the most effective way to wipe out Zika is using biological controls. In her talk from TEDxMidAtlantic, Fedoroff pushes for a change in attitudes towards releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in the U.S. — a method proven to be more effective than insecticides to eradicate the virus.

Global Pandemic – Air Pollution | Romain Lacombe | TEDxAthens

Air pollution is a global pandemic that kills 7 million people worldwide each year. According to environmental researcher Romain Lacombe, breathing has become a public health hazard: “More people die every year from breathing than smoking cigarettes.” From TEDxAthens, Lacombe proposes using cities as platforms for new innovations in policymaking to solve the air pollution crisis.

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