US Military’s Powerful Electromagnetic Railgun Test – New Footage

Watch as the Office of Naval Research and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, conduct the first shot of the Electromagnetic Railgun at the terminal range November 17, 2016.
The Electromagnetic or EM Railgun launcher replaces fuel or gunpowder to shoot projectiles and uses electricity instead. Magnetic fields created by high electrical currents accelerate a sliding metal conductor, or armature, between two rails to launch projectiles at 4,500 mph (7240 kmh) or MACH 6. Inside each projectile, there are navigation sensors and processors for guidance, navigation and control. The railguns will most likely be equipped on large naval units. The absence of high explosives necessary for gunpowder-based munitions on ships will improve safety for sailors and marines. Each projectile can hit a target over 100 miles away.