Myth Debunker: 43 Popular Myths Debunked – Fun Facts Trivia

Myth Debunker: 43 Popular Myths Debunked – Fun Facts Trivia

Each myth debunked! We fact checked most popular and common myths! Perfect trivia questions.


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Myths debunked:
MSG causes migraines
Sushi means Raw Fish
The Twinkie has no expiration date
You have to wait 24 hours to file missing persons report
Frankenstain is the name of the monster
Eve ate an apple
Jesus was born on December 25th
Black Belt means you are an expert
Chastity Belts were intended to prevent sex
Salem witches were burned at the stake
Napoleon was short
Santa Clause was created by Coca Cola
War of the Worlds caused panic
Albert Einstein failed at math
The Great Wall of China can be seen from space
Bulls hate ‘red’
Dog’s sweat by salivating
Bats are blind
Goldfish have a memory span of a few seconds
Humans and dinosaurs coexisted
Eating before swimming causes cramps
Chewing Gum takes 7 years to digest
Having sex before sporting events is bad
Cracking knuckles will cause arthritis
Lighting can’t strike twice
Penny dropped can kill you
Toilet Waste is released from Airplanes
Searing meat locks in flavor
Sharks can’t get cancer
Houseflies live for 24 hours
Bananas grow on trees
You lose most heat through the head
Humans have 5 senses
Coffee dehydrates you
Vaccines cause autism
Adding salt to water makes it boil faster
Vikings wore horned helmets

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