Things In Canada YOU Find Weird!

Things In Canada YOU Find Weird!

A list of things Canadians do that people find weird.

Although not totally unique to Canada (New Zealanders have a similar linguistic quirk) the use of the interjection “eh” has puzzled outsiders for many years. Just what does “eh” mean? Is it used as a statement, an exclamation, a command, does it replace a question mark, or is it polite particle? Well, the Canadian “eh” is a versatile non-word used to perform all of these grammar points and is a well-established part of the vocabulary, eh. 0:34

On to leadership, does Canada have a queen? Yes, Elizabeth II. But isn’t Canada an independent sovereign nation? Yes, again. Well that’s kinda weird. Indeed. Canada broke away from British rule in 1867, and became a totally sovereign nation in 1982. 1:05

And although no compelling evidence has been officially confirmed, the Canadians have built a landing pod for UFOs to park on if Aliens feel the need to make their presence known. Weird and cool at the same time, this tourist attraction is totally out there and again proof that things are a little weird in Canada. 1:31

Ice Hockey is played widely in Canada, however Lacrosse is the national sport. There’s nothing Canadians love more than getting out in the freezing cold and cheering on a bunch of guys freezing their nuts off on a winter’s day. 1:55

Nestled in eastern Quebec, the town Saint Luis Du Ha! Ha! must be a contender for one of the weirdest place names on the map. The name is supposed to represent the French word ha-ha meaning obstruction of view, but it’ll always be ha-ha funny to us outsiders, because we secretly think the Canadians are a bit weird. 2:22

While most of us sit back and relax with a long hot soak in the tub at the tail end of a long hard grind, the Canadians have devised a way of turning the humble bathtub into some kind of weird sport. The event takes place each year in Nanaimo, British Columbia. 2:40

Sour Toe Cocktail. This bizarre sundowner is served with a human toe bobbing around inside of it. The first toe donated to the drink belonged to miner and rum smuggler Louie Liken who had his toe amputated after suffering frostbite almost a hundred years back. The toe was discovered in 1973 by Yukon local Captain Dick Stevenson who dreamt up the idea for the Sour Toe Cocktail at the Sourdough Saloon. 3:05

Throughout eastern Canada, the majority of milk is sold in a plastic bag. Usually you have three 0.35 gallon bags of the good stuff inside one bigger bag. 3:36

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