Things That Are BANNED in the USA but NOT in the WORLD!

Things That Are BANNED in the USA but NOT in the WORLD!


Each and every country has its own legal framework and set of laws. Unique geographical, historical, and political environments play a big part in determining what governments decide is good or bad for society and how these differences come about. So what about America? What are the things the government has decided are illegal that other countries around the world have not? That’s what we’ll be looking at today, in this Episode of The Infographics Show: Regular Things That Are Illegal in the USA.

What are some everyday things that are illegal in the USA? Are there things you do that are actually illegal?

Banned in USA Haggis – 0:26
Hip Hop is banned in Las Vegas – 1:16
Fishing is banned on private properties – 1:56
Rainwater Harvesting is banned in USA – 3:05
Singing at night is banned in Hawaii – 3:45
Souvenirs are banned in America – 4:21
Fresh ackee fruit is forbidden in usa – 4:50
Weightless products are banned in USA – 5:29
Kinder surprise (Kinger eggs) are banned in USA – 6:06

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