Big Bang, Relativity Theory and Space-Time


The Universe is all of space time and everything that exists therein, including all planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy.  Similar terms include the cosmos, the world, reality, and nature.

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Age of Deceit – Fallen angels


Full length feature of Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order. A biblical look at the history of fallen angels and it’s relationship to the New World Order and the new age movement. Topics covered are the fall of mankind, the pre-flood world as Atlantis, the new age through theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to society, UFO’s, ET’s and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and more. All of these things are explained and predicted in the bible

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